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About the Artist

Born in 1953, Sculptor Anij Indigo enjoyed a variety of careers from flight attendant, marine biologist, isolation tank therapist, stained glass artist, and real estate broker before getting her hands in clay in 1996 and realizing she had finally found her calling.

Primarily self taught, she has been commissioned to create sculptures in medium to monumental size bronze for individuals and organizations across the country. Her bronze of astronaut John Glenn marks the beginning of the rails- to- trails program in Glenn's home state of Ohio. Three larger than life monuments of a leaping tiger, friendly waving grizzley bear, and howling arctic wolf grace the entryway of the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Many private commissions including one for Victoria Valar and John Kelly of a 12 foot by 4 foot tall tryptych of thirteen swirling horses emerging from the wind (Chevaux du Vent) towers over the fireplace at their Bonniefield estate in Elizabeth, Colorado. All of Indigo's sculptures are infused with the passion she feels for her subject it horses, big cats, graceful flowing whales, or a whimsical turn of a spiney seahorse's head.

A recent move to Wyoming from her home base of Colorado may prove to be the impetus for even greater pieces that will finally come to life. She found the soulmate she has looked a lifetime for, and in her new studio and home with him, she will be able to explore a variety of subject matters that have held interest for years, but she did not have the time to create. On the drawing board are plans for many mixed media pieces, incorporating both bronze, glass and stone. Indigo's continued facination with legends and myths worldwide will be explored and transformed into futuristic, visionary works that will hopefully carry forward into time.

As plans and life evolves, along with some amazing trips around the world, so will the work. Please check back or email and let us know what you think about a particular piece or trend.

Have a wonderful, magical life, everyone!

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