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Below are examples of Indigo's monuments. To view them larger, click on the image. If you are interested in learning more about any of Indigo's works below, email her at

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5' 10" x 13' 6" x 2' 6"
Edition of 13
Bronze - Inquire

5' 10" x 13' 6" x 2' 6"
Edition of 7
Coldcast - Inquire

"Reach for the Stars" - John Glenn
125% Lifesize
Installed at Kent State University October 2000

What is cold-cast?

There is a distinction between foundry lost-wax casting of bronze (referred to as "Limited Edition Bronzes"), and cold-cast editions. Some cold-castings have a bronze surface as well, and can be referred to as a cold-cast bronze, but do not have the value of the foundry castings.

My cold-cast sculptures are made in the same molds as the foundry bronzes, but out of a material that sets up and looks like stone.(Note: this is not a resin or plastic.) The interior of the pieces are fiberglass reinforced, and they can be durable enough to weather outside for decades. They are approximately one third the cost of the foundry bronze pieces, and most of them are also limited in edition. I find them to be a nice alternative for the collector who cannot afford a bronze, but wants to have my work.

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